Sino France Whisno Charles Winery (Yantai) Co., Ltd. has its own manufacturing plant of packaging materials. Most of the company's packages are designed individually and are granted with patents. Besides support its own consumption, the company distributes its bottle caps, bottles and so on to Southeastern Asian areas as well.

  Whisno Charles may serve both domestic and overseas customers with series service from design to manufacturing.

  As following are part of the company's patent products, please refer the link "Products-Packaging Materials" to check relative photos. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us!


Bottle (41)                           Patent NO.: ZL03351047.4

Bottle (42)                           Patent NO.: ZL03354072.1

Bottle (46)                           Patent NO.: ZL200430047958.3

Bottle (47)                           Patent Application NO.: 200430047964.9

Bottle (48)                           Patent NO.: ZL200430047963.4

Bottle (49)                           Patent NO.: ZL200430047960.0   

Bottle (50)                           Patent NO.: ZL200430047961.5

Bottle (51)                           Patent NO.: ZL200430047962.X

Bottle (52)                           Patent NO.: ZL200430047959.8  

Bottle (53)                           Patent Application NO.: 200530096170.6

Bottle (54)                           Patent Application NO.: 200530092954.1

Bottle (55)                           Patent Application NO.: 200530095863.3